Calculate your indicative Roundup Ready PLUS rebate here:

Step 1: Enter the program product you intend to use/have used.
Program products are eligible for use between 1 June 2021 and 30 April 2022 for cotton growers in Central and Southern QLD, NSW and VIC, and 1 October 2021 and 31 August 2022 for cotton growers in Northern QLD, NT and WA.

Step 2: Fill in the area you have/will apply it to.
Remember to enter the number of broadacre hectares

Step 3: Enter the rate that you have/will use.
Remember that rebates will only be paid for use up to the maximum label rate. Using a lower rate will mean that your rebate is adjusted accordingly.

Step 4: To add more products and/or different application rates, click Add and repeat steps 1-3.
Your potential rebate will be displayed on screen. Remember that terms and conditions apply and make sure you read your Technology User Agreement (TUA) for full details.

Step 5: Press Download to download a PDF copy of results and/or enter your email and press Send to have a PDF copy sent to the nominated email address.

Roundup branded participating products are not eligible for a rebate unless another product is used.
Only a single application of Roundup product is eligible for rebate.
Products are only paid at the maximum label rate, if a higher than maximum label rate has been entered, the rate will be converted back to the maximum.


Product Area applied
(broadacre hectares)
Rate used
(L/Ha) or (Kg/Ha)
! $0.00
Total rebate amount $0.00

One or more rate(s) entered are above the maximum label rate (MLR). Products are only paid up to the MLR, if a higher than MLR has been entered, rebates will be calculated at the MLR. Please note, you can still proceed with submission.

Note: Only a single application of Roundup product is eligible for rebate.

Note: Roundup branded participating products are not eligible for a rebate unless another product is used.

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Participating products must be purchased from an authorized retailer and applied between 1 June 2020 and 30 April 2021. Growers must hold a valid 2020/21 Technology User Agreement (TUA) to participate in the program. Rebates will not be paid for product sued at higher rates than approved label rates. Always read and follow directions on herbicide labels. For full terms and conditions, consult the 2020/21 Technology User Agreement (TUA). Program subject to change.

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